Stars that fall for You!

As you gaze above the starry night,

Stars are shining the winter light.

Moon is smiling despite the scars,

And falls for you, a shooting star.

Close your eyes, make a wish as it falls,

You wish for smiles, and happiness calls

But, do you ever find it all magical?

For behind the magic, it’s all tragical.

The star that fell for you, and died

There was sacrifice hidden all inside.

It turned to dust to make your wish true,

It was the only star that fell for you

Your life is just like a winter night,

Where the stars are shining all the bright.

The ones who hold you dear to their heart

Are the ones who never let you fall apart

They play the role of the stars shining blue

Just so your wishes and dreams come true

Keep them close for such stars are few,

The stars that fall for you…

31 thoughts on “Stars that fall for You!

  1. This was too good to be true,
    Felt like fresh leaves kissing the drops of dew,
    Try as much as I might,
    But really can’t resist to smile!

    Liked by 2 people

  2. “The star that fell for you, and died
    There was sacrifice hidden all inside”- wonderful line
    you painted winter nights waiting for the dreamers to come find them,splendid.
    well penned.


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