The Blind Illusion! #7

Dammit, we came here for this! They burnt all the evidence along with this factory! Estern cursed.

The next moment they were out of the underground chamber, climbing up through the hole caused by the explosion, that resulted in the burning of the factory, and the death of innocent workers. As Estern and Julia made their way through the crowd, Journalists running in the crowd, came with forcing the mic in Estern’s face.

“Sir, any information how this all happened?” asked the journalist, elbowing others to move backward.

“Our investigation team is still looking on this case. For now, all we have been able to get is that the fire was caused by a fault in a spinning machine, that caused a spark which was caught by the easily flammable raw material, that is cotton, that lead to the destruction…” while Estern was answering the questions with all honesty, Julia was noticing every move of her head officer. The media had this funny thing of selecting the lines that added “spice” to their news. The truth didn’t matter to them, only “spice” This was the reason Julia was well told before this case, by Estern himself, ‘watch your words in front of the media. Don’t let your mouth speak faster than your mind.”

Soon, the journalist was out of questions and pretty content about the “spice” he had collected. With this, Estern excused himself and Julia followed him like a shadow. As they headed back to their car, a small child came running to them, parting the crowd of the spectators. Estern sat in his car, waiting for Julia. But Julia stopped and noticed the boy. His eyes were flooded with tears, and his clothes were torn up. Julia noticed the boy coming to her, he couldn’t have been more than 5 years. Julia stopped and bent on her knees. “Why are you crying?” asked Julia, wiping the tears off his eyes. His hair were untidy, and trousers were patched. He did not say anything, just stood there with his watery eyes, tears brimming over the edges. “What happened boy? Where’s your mom? Are you lost?” Julia asked holding his hand.

“Mumma is in there,” he pointed at the burnt factory, “She’s waiting for me.”

Without another word, his tears told the whole story. “They aren’t letting me in. Mumma’s there. I want to go to her.” Even though she was an officer, and tears were there rival, but how could she stop her heart from weeping for a boy who had just lost his mother. She wrapped her hands around him and stroked his hands, but the boy kept pointing at the factory. “Please take me there. Mumma must be worried. I want to see her.”

Julia tried to hold back her tears. “Everything will be fine, don’t cry. Where do you live?” But he didn’t spoke a word, but kept pointing at the factory.


Ignored cries, abandoned heart,

smile-less face, unfinished art,

Teary eyes, craving love and care,

Answer them, “Why God isn’t fair?”


Hello my dear readers,

I hope you all are great! 🙂 I hope you’re enjoying this series!

Today I have a special surprise for my Blogger friends, Suraj Bhai and Jeni G.J

Thank you so much Suraj Bhai, for nominating me for the “One Lovely Blogger Award” I am so glad you found me deserving for this award. There are few bloggers with whom I share a great bond of friendship, and you’re one of them bro. Thank you so much!

Guys, if you haven’t followed him yet. Then go and check out his amazing blog. He is an amazing friend, and it’s fun to talk to him! You may read the unbiased and awesome book reviews on his blog, because he’s a guy who reads a lot “Because Life is packed in Books”


A great writer, a great reader, and more than that, a great friend of mine. Thank you so much Jeni for helping me in my writing journey. Your constructive feedback have meant a lot to me. And I really adore your six word stories, they are amazing!!!!

Guys, few days back, she visited my post “Party Time” which was filled with fun questions and riddles. I promised a surprise to whoever wins the third round of my riddle challenge! And yay, she did it!!! So here is your award!

The Award goes to the ever witty, Jeni G.J

Friends, go and check out her blog, if you haven’t yet. You’ll find amazing write-ups there which won’t fail in touching your heart! May it be her one liners or her beautiful poems, you’ll be compelled to follow her! 🙂


30 thoughts on “The Blind Illusion! #7

  1. “Ignored cries, abandoned heart,
    smile-less face, unfinished art,
    Teary eyes, craving love and care,
    Answer them, “Why God isn’t fair?””

    I think these are the best words I have read on your blog. And seriously bro, I was asking the same question a few moments ago..
    God bless you..
    God bless everyone..

    Liked by 3 people

    1. Really!? You liked them this much? It means a lot to me brother to hear this from you!!! I am so so so glad!!!!
      God bless you too bhai! I hope you’re fine and had a great day!
      P.S. – What about Goosebumps? *shinchan eyes*

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  2. Thank you so much harsh. I have been waiting to receive this award from you. It’s such an honour. I was sooo soo happy to win it. This is the first time I participated in quiz and had so much fun.
    Thanks again Ash 😊😊I know why you gave this to me. It’s all because of Aurora. 😁😁 Anyway I’m so excited.
    I will have to read the 5 th part first before coming to this part.👍

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    1. you’re welcome!!!! But truly, I really wanted to thank you for all what you have done for me.
      And no, Aurora have nothing to do with this award. Even though I found that answer funny but you’re really witty, lol

      Will wait for your feedback!
      Have a great day! 🙂

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  3. Oo.. the post was a bit late. I checked about 4 times for the post and even doubted my internet connection.

    Well here it’s …. I was expecting something down that hole but something did appear at the end. The boy… 😁 The boy 😁

    And thank you very much for featuring me on your blog. It means a lot to me. Thanks a lot. Love and wishes. 😄

    Liked by 2 people

    1. My heartfelt apologies for the delay, Bhai! I was atually studying science today, so…
      I am glad you liked it. Yes, the boy… the boy who had lost his mother.

      You’re an amazing person and so fun to talk with. And moreover, you nominated me, you deserved it Bhai! No need to mention that! I am glad you liked it!
      I hope you had a great day, hope the dust storm didn’t damage your eyes today.

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  4. “Ignored cries, abandoned heart,
    smile-less face, unfinished art,
    Teary eyes, craving love and care,
    Answer them, “Why God isn’t fair?”” Superb quote Harsh which is on everyone’s lips and where are you Lord and why are you not fair to the needy and the poor. Beautiful and loved the way you described the child crying and asking for his mother. Too good and gripping story. Hearty congratulations too on your award, you deserve it dear. Keep up your awesome work of inspiring all of us.

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  5. Ignored cries, abandoned heart,
    smile-less face, unfinished art,
    Teary eyes, craving love and care,
    Answer them, “Why God isn’t fair?”

    I know this has been quoted a few times but damn Harsh.. as amazing as you are.. you keep getting better with each episode!

    “while Estern was answering the questions with all honesty, …” Estern was being honest?
    So that’s really how the factory burnt down? Or did the leader dude cause the fire?

    Jeni is a darling and I’m really happy this surprise was for her! It’s very rare to find people like you and Jen bun whose comments are like healing spells for wounded souls!✌

    Liked by 1 person

    1. And everytime someone quoted it!!! I felt sooooooo amazing!!! Thank you sooo much!! 🙈🙈 (I’m getting the hang of this monkey thingey) hahaha
      No, estern was lying. The leader did cause the fire and burnt all the evidence!
      She is such a great friend of mine. She has helped me a lot, and I can’t thank her enough for that. Yes. Her comments truly are wknderful!

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