Blue Watery Eyes#12

After the canvas of the sky was painted dark blue and red on the either sides, Ash and Jason could be found moving down what looked like a hill, with their two bags, heavy enough to give a pain to their shoulders that could last until the whole night.

On his way, Ash knew that someone was staring at him, from a distance, following them on their way to home. Ash’s eyes were scanning the dark trees on the either sides to get a clue of someone but in vain. The kook of the birds returning to their nests, the babbling of the flowing water of the Sanctus Lake, and of course, the of their footsteps, were the only sounds one could hear passing through the way.

As soon as they reached home, they threw their bags on the table in front of the kitchen and sighed.

“Dude, that man is crazy, I can’t handle him anymore,” Jason said and complained to Ash.

“But we don’t have any option, there are no jobs in the Amania Market, except the fact that Miss Malise is in need of a helper. Didn’t you look at the board in front of her shop?” Ash said, sarcastically.

“Come on, can’t we just not talk about that women? I have her dreams of running after me with her butcher’s knife.” Jason said.

Even Ash laughed after imagining her running after Jason with her knife.


As soon as they finished their Dinner, Jason went to the bedroom and hugged his bed right then. Ash knew that he was very tired, as he slept as soon as he jumped on his bed, and of course, judging by the way he was snoring. Ash pulled the blanket and rolled it over him. “Good Night, Buddy,” Ash said, but Jason was already on the ride of his dreams, hopefully not ‘her’ dreams.

Ash did the dishes and as soon as he got over with the work, he went to the bedroom and glanced at the window glinting in the moonlight. The moon was shining like a white dazzling ball, between the dark clouds that sometimes interrupted the silver of the moonlight from spilling in the room. Even though the moon brightened the land but still it couldn’t eclipse the beauty of the stars that speckled and glittered in the dark sky above.

This time, Ash was not just looking at the moon but also, he perceived the spots on it. Why all the beautiful things have a fault in them? He wondered. Suddenly, he thought of Aurora and he got his answer. ‘Maybe not all have a fault.’ And he smiled for no reason.


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40 thoughts on “Blue Watery Eyes#12

  1. I have been checking back each day and thought how you must be busy in life. so just now I was glad to see you back! The story carries on just as good as it left off Harsh! You are doing a great job building us up to see Aurora again!! Nice to have you back friend! 🙂

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    1. Thank you so much Di!!!
      I was missing you too, as soon as I published it, I was waiting for your comment and then I checked the spam folder, and there he was ,silently hiding there… and then I picked him out and hit him with a like… haha
      Shukriya, I am awesome, how are you?

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      1. All good Harsh but I thought your exams must be going on. Was waiting for your amazing story too. I will tell u tomorrow from my office computer where I found few mistakes and then u can correct it.


    1. Hmmm, it’s difficult… 😞 even though I have not written a big storyline yet but still it will be a bit difficult task to sum it all up. But no problem, I am really glad you read it Bhaiya and thanks a lot for showing your interest.
      I hope you liked me style of writing… 😊😊
      How are you? I’m awesome!

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